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What we treat

At BACK UP Whole Body Chiropractic, we specialise in repairing and maintaining the health of one of your body’s core systems: your Neuromusculoskeletal system (NMS).  

Your NMS contains your nerves; your spine, bones and joints; your muscles, ligaments and tendons —  forming your structure and the signalling system which enables you to sit, stand, move and perform all the functions you use in everyday life. 

We treat disfunctions in your NMS from your toes to your head.  Your disfunctions may:

* Present signs and symptoms like pain, stiffness, weakness, inflammation or restricted movement.

* Come from many possible causes like injuries; bad habits; repetitive motions or prolonged positions.

* Left untreated, could become chronic, or spiral into a syndrome like Text Neck Syndrome causing even more restriction and unnecessary deterioration.

With today’s lifestyles, most of us suffer some combination of symptoms from some mix of injuries and damaging habits.  But you can nip this in the bud with proper correction and care.

Why suffer? We can help

Why live with pain or limits?

Why anxiously wonder if your problem can’t be resolved?

Why ignore symptoms until they become chronic, spread and deteriorate your health?

… when you can come to BACK UP for a clear picture of your condition and options.

How we help

To pinpoint your issues, identify your treatment options and execute the plan you choose, we use a toolkit of techniques we’ve built up over the years that yield the best results:

* Assessment and diagnosis tookit

* In-clinic correction toolkit

* Out-of-clinic active care toolkit

You choose the type of treatment sessions that suit your goals and pace:

* Pop-in sessions aimed just at pain relief;

* Tune-up sessions, periodic and before/after big events in your life;

* Treatment tracks for unwinding complex syndromes.

We built our practice for you

Personalised. Practical. Convenient.  You won’t find a factory experience here – we treat you like a person we care about – because we do.

We’re always available.  Our Sydney CBD BACK UP Clinic is open Monday to Friday 7:30am to 7pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm. In emergencies, we fit you in even after hours.  When you’re on the road even overseas, we support you via SMS, phone or email.

We have HICAPS so your health claim is processed on the spot.

We designed our BACK UP clinic as a welcome retreat easy to get to in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

We personalise your treatment to suit your conditions, your goals, your pace.

We’re all about results

We’re passionate about getting you pain-free, moving freely and stopping any deterioration in its tracks.  We make sure you get the outcomes you’re looking for:

* Relieve your immediate pain

* Unwind your underlying problems

* Fix it for good

* Teach you to be alert to signs, maintain the wellbeing of your NMS and avoid future problems

What our clients are saying

Here's what our clients have to say about their BACK UP experience:

Google Rating

5.0 16 reviews

  • Avatar Andrew Merheb ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Raf helps keep my body aligned, so I can continue living an active healthy lifestyle.
    I’m grateful for Raf’s ability to
    … More heal unconscious injuries I had and maintain them through knowledge and various exercises.
  • Avatar Julia K. ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Rafael is supportive, caring and extremely professional. He takes the time to explain what is wrong and he is clear about … More the treatment, always focusing on long lasting results.
    I was struggling with several back pain for years, and it was very difficult to sit in front of a desk all day. After 3 months seeing Dr. Rafael, I became more productive at work and more conscious about my posture. I highly recommend this clinic to all.
  • Avatar Phil Byrne ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    I’ve seen literally dozens of Chrio’s in Sydney and Raf is hands down the best. He’s not only the most knowledge, but he … More knows what’s going on with my posture, back and neck better than anyone I’ve encountered. He’s also able to explain what’s going on and takes the time each treatment to make a difference.
    Would not hesitate to recommend Raf, he's outstanding.
  • Avatar Ben Donachie ★★★★★ a year ago
    Hands down the best practise in Sydney.
    Raf is the man with back solutions. Highly recommend to anyone.
    I've be Converted
    … More from someone who'd never seen a Chiropractor to a regular.
  • Avatar Nancy Stjepanovic ★★★★★ a year ago
    Thank you Rafael for keeping me aligned and healthy. So glad I found you few years ago when I moved to Sydney. After 40 years … More worth of Chiropractic consultations you are the best. Your knowledge and professionalism is much appreciated. Thanks heaps from Nancy!

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