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We’re passionate about getting you pain-free, moving freely and stopping any deterioration in its tracks. We make sure you get the outcomes you’re looking for: we relieve your pain, unwind your underlying problems, fix things for good and teach you how to prevent future problems. We care about your goals; respect your time and pace; we don’t give on on you; we give you a clear and honest picture of your condition and treatment options; we make it easy and calm.

Explore our approach; process; techniques/toolkits; and how we organise your treatments and care in the sections below.

Integrated, funtional, whole body approach

 e’re dedicated to the health of your Neuromusculoskeletal system (NMS) – which is formed by your bones, spine and peripheral joints; your soft tissue structures (your muscles, the tendons that attach them to your bones, and the ligaments that hold your joints in place); and your nerves.

Working together, your NMS forms your body’s structure and sends the signals so you can sit, stand, stablise yourself and move. But your nerves are also the signalling system that controls all the ways you function, think and feel.  So the health of your NMS is vital to how you feel and function every day. 

We resolve many issues presenting in your NMS, not just in your hips, spine or neck, so you function fully and freely.

If you’re familiar with integrated and functional medicine and exercise, we apply the same principles in our chiropractic practice.

Your thigh bone really is connected to your hip bone. No matter how isolated your symptoms feel, your dysfunction is not happening in isolation. Since your parts don’t function in isolation, we don’t treat them in isolation. We treat you as a whole system, restoring the functions you need.

Our process - your journey BACK UP

We get a full picture of your condition, your lifestyle, your habits. Then we get to the bottom of your problems and lay out your options.  Our process is simple:

* Assess your NMS to pinpoint your conditions and their underlying causes;

* Clarify your goals;

* Lay out personalised treatment options for you to choose from;

* Treat you in-clinic and advise how you can help your body repair and stay problem-free out-of-clinic. 

Treatment sessions and tracks

Your treatment is organised into one-off sessions or a series of sessions in a treatment track. Together, we’ll focus your treatment plan around your goals, pace and schedule.

No matter what you choose, each session consists of: assessment and diagnosis; corrections; and active care “prescriptions” for out of clinic things you could be doing to heal faster and prevent further problems.

* Pop-in sessions: if you only have time for a session aimed at pain relief, we accomodate that.

* Tune-up sessions: like a car, your body benefits from periodic tune-ups to ensure everything is aligned and repair small problems before they worsen. At BACK UP, you can schedule a quarterly tune up; or before big things in your life – like a trip, a charity run, a wedding, the holidays, or simply getting ready for the next season.

* Treatment track: a series of sessions to systematically unwind your issues. For more contained problems, a few sessions is enough; while a longer program may be required to unwind complex syndromes built up over the years.

First session a deep assessment; correction and rapid relief.

Second session further correction; deeper diagnosis; discussion of your treatment track options.

Follow-up sessions further correction; assessment focused on progress and changes.

Our toolkit of techniques

Over years of observing which science-based and evidence-backed techniques yield the best results – we built up our toolkits for Assessment and Diagnosis; Correction; and Active Care. We apply the right mix of techniques that makes the most sense for your situation.

Our Assessment and Diagnosis Toolkit

The way to resolve your issues whether acute, chronic or part of a syndrome is to unwrap the onion and pinpoint those specific NMS disfunctions contributing to your problem.

We observe and feel your posture, alignment, range of motion, muscle tone. We go deeper if indicated, such as testing your muscle strength or reflexes. In some cases, additional assessment may be indicated, such as X-Rays.

In this way, we narrow down then pinpoint your specific conditions and causes such as joint misalignments, imbalances; overactive and underactive muscles or nerves; soft tissue which has become too short and tight or too loose and weak; knots or trigger points. These things need to be corrected together as a system in order to fix your dysfunction for good.

Our Correction Toolkit

We use direct hands-on chiropractic correction (adjustments, manipulations, mobilisations) augmented by soft tissue work.  Some cases may warrant additional techniques such as dry needling.

Hands-on adjustment provides better results and a wealth of assessment and diagnostic information. Soft tissue work includes remedial massage techniques to find and rectify issues with your muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. For example, we may release a knot in order to make a proper chiropractic adjustment.

Our Active Care Toolkit

These are the actions you take yourself as part of your journey BACK UP. Behind every chronic pain hides a bad habit – and small daily habits take a toll on your whole body.

Once you fix a problem, it can come back a few months later if you don’t replace your damaging habits or rectify underlying causes. Your body is always giving you signs but sometimes it’s not obvious what those signs means – your neck pain could be referred pain from your ankle.

We train, guide, and give you “prescriptions” on how to correct your posture, gait, form and ergonomics; exercises, stretches and self-massage; what to do or avoid at various stages, and so on. Everything you need to speed your relief, restore function, be alert to signs and prevent recurrence, new injuries or deterioration.

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